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Laundry & Household

Laundry & Household
Brand: ASDA
Sterilises in 30 mins. Clinically proven to kill all common germs. Mother & Baby Award 2008/09 - Gold Retailer of the Year 2008/09. BrandASDAProductASDA UK Little Angels Baby Products / Equipment Sterilising Tablets 56pcs - From UKCountry of OriginUnited Kingdom..
Rs. 750
Brand: CAREX
Carex Complete, Bubble Gum antibacterial hand wash has been created to make hand washing fun. Using our effective formula, combined with our special 'Fun Edition' fragrance, it Cleans, Cares and Protects, so you and your family can feel free to live life hands onOur trusted, expertly developed formu..
Rs. 900
IKEA Laundry Bag, 34x50cm, Set of 2,  Black/White - BRODERLIG IKEA Laundry Bag, 34x50cm, Set of 2,  Black/White - BRODERLIG
Brand: IKEA
- You can sort your light and dark laundry in the two separate bags.- The laundry bags do not absorb moisture or odours from the laundry because they are made of polyester.BrandIKEAProductIKEA Laundry Bag, Set of 2, Black/White - BRODERLIGWhat’s includesBRODERLIG Laundry Bag, Set of 2DimensionWidth:..
Rs. 875
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