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Organic Chia Seeds 250g

Organic Chia Seeds 250g
Organic Chia Seeds 250g
Organic Chia Seeds 250g
Organic Chia Seeds 250g
Organic Chia Seeds 250g
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CFO Certified Organic Chia Seeds are 100% grown naturally in a high altitude mountain climate region that is in close proximity to large and active volcanoes, allowing our chia plants to gather the moisture needed from early morning mist and afternoon rain clouds. Rich volcanic soil offers more than enough minerals to nurture the very best organically-grown chia for the best seeds.

• Control diabetics
• Beneficial in managing weight
• Aids in controlling hypertension
• Strengthen bone and dental health
• Rich in anti-inflammatory properties
• Aids in improving gastrointestinal health
• Lowers bad cholesterol levels and prevents heart diseases
• Helps in controlling arthritis, age-related dementia and fatigue
• Rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help to enable many bodily functions

Long ago, the aztcs relied on chia seeds for energy and nutrition and it is easy to see why. Rich in fibre, protein, antioxidants and healthy Omega_3 fatty acids, chia seeds have fairly earned their designation as a superfood. Chia Seeds are hydrophilic, which means “water loving”- they can absorb 10-12 times their weight in water. When water-logged, chia seeds form a gelatinous substance that is soothing to the digestive tract as well as beneficial in keeping the body hydrated and maintain electrolyte balance. In fact, chia means “strength” in the language of the Mayans, and was considered a “running food” because messengers could run all day with the help of these tiny seeds, which by then were prized more than gold due to their incredible health enhancing properties.

Did you know?

- Chia is Gluten free
- It is super high in dietary fibre
- It has 8 times more omega 3 than salmon, it contains 20% omega 3 ala making it a super food for the brain and heart
- It has 4 times the ORAC value of blue berries making it an excellent antioxidant
- It contains 5 times more calcium than milk
- It contains 7 times more vitamins C than oranges
- It has 3 times more iron than spinach
- It has twice the potassium content of bananas
- It brings healthy skin, hair, and nails
- It has a positive impact on balancing blood glucose levels

Country Farm Organics

Organic Chia Seeds 250g

What's included
Chia Seeds 250g pack

ProductCOUNTRY FARM ORGANICS Chia Seeds 250g
BrandCountry Farm Organics
What’s IncludedChia Seeds 250g

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