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Nuts & Seeds
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Organic Chia Seeds 250g PRE-ORDER

Organic Chia Seeds 250g

CFO Certified Organic Chia Seeds are 100% grown naturally in a high altitude mountain climate region..

Rs. 1,350

Organic Golden Flaxseeds 250g PRE-ORDER

Organic Golden Flaxseeds 250g

Flax seeds are gaining consumer interest because of their high nutrient content. Flax oil derived fr..

Rs. 750

Organic Hulled Buckwheat 250g PRE-ORDER

Organic Hulled Buckwheat 250g

Energizing and nutritious, buckwheat is available throughout the year and can be served as an altern..

Rs. 700

Organic Pearl Quinoa 500g PRE-ORDER

Organic Pearl Quinoa 500g

Country Farm Organics Organic Pearl Quinoa is an ideal choice if you want to start eating healthy. P..

Rs. 2,300

Organic Pumpkin Seeds 200g PRE-ORDER

Organic Pumpkin Seeds 200g

Pumpkin seeds are high in protein, magnesium and zinc. They also contain Iron and Calcium. All these..

Rs. 750

Organic Red Quinoa 250g    PRE-ORDER

Organic Red Quinoa 250g

Organic Red Quinoa - an ancient Pasankalla variety organically grown on family plots at over 12,000 ..

Rs. 1,300

Organic Sunflower Seed 200g PRE-ORDER

Organic Sunflower Seed 200g

Country Farm Organics Certified Organic Sunflower Seed has a mild nutty flavour that is smooth on yo..

Rs. 550

White Quinoa, Gluten Free 340g New

White Quinoa, Gluten Free 340g

Quinoa is a very healthy grain and has many benefits. It is often used as an alternative to rice.Bra..

Rs. 1,700