NESTLE Nestum Grains & More 3in1 Cereal 420g – Chocolate

DEL 3-4 WEEKS NESTLE Nestum Grains & More 3in1 Cereal 420g – Chocolate

Introducing NESTLÉ NESTUM Grains & More 3in1 Chocolate for a tasty, nutritious treat that is set to invigorate your senses! The unique taste of NESTUM flakes combined with chocolate flavour is packed with wholesome fibre and feel-good properties to bring about feelings of happiness. Perfect for any time of the day when you need a little mood lift!

Fill your tummy & stay active with multi-grain goodness encapsulated in every NESTUM cereal flake, all made Aromalicious by our expertise.

Chocolate has feel-good properties that can help lift your mood and bring about feelings of happiness. Combined with the goodness and aroma of Nestle NESTUM multi-grain cereals, it is the perfect drink for a fuller and brighter day!


NESTUM Grains & More 3in1 Cereal


What's include

420g pack

ProductNESTUM Grains & More 3in1 Cereal
Weight0.420 kg
What’s Included420g Pack

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