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Organic Golden Flaxseeds 250g

Organic Golden Flaxseeds 250g
Organic Golden Flaxseeds 250g
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  • Package: 0.26kg
  • Location: Colombo

Flax oil derived from Golden Flax Seeds is one of the highest known vegetarian sources of soluble fiber, magnesium, zinc and linolenic acid (an Omega-3 fatty acid). The Omega-3 content of the oil is typically 52%. Flax seeds also provide protein, mucilage, phytosterols and plant lignans. Country Farm 100% Organic Golden Flaxseeds are  microbiologically tested for your safety. Our Golden Flax Seeds are grown on rich soil in North Dakota and are best suited for baking, especially bread baking.

- Gluten Free
- Natural Raw Whole
- Fiber, Lignans & Omega-3 Fats
- Certified 100% Organic
- Non GMO raw material, excellent Protein content for building and repairing body tissues, hormones and cells. Rich in dietary fiber, promoting satiety and regulating blood sugar and cholesterol level.

Country Farm Organics


COUNTRY FARM Organic Golden Flaxseeds 250g

What's include
250g pack

ProductCountry Farms Organic Golden Flaxseeds 250g
BrandCountry Farm Organics
Ingredients100% Organic Golden Flaxseed Free of preservatives and chemical additives
Weight0.26 kg
What’s Included250g pack

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